We are passionate about our ales, and make them with the finest ingredients.

Our malts are the best from around the world. We use Maris Otter, from the UK, as our base malt. The cost is high, but if you want the flavor profile and quality you use what works. Our other base malt is premium two row USA grown, as is some of our crystal malts. Our main source for crystal malts come from France, "Franco- Belges", and Germany, "Best Maltz". It is this style of malt that adds sweetness to the start and still allows a clean finish. It also adds flavor notes and color. For our summer India Pale Ale “TAN LINE”, we use Canadian Superior Pilsen malt as our base malt. This malt helps to give a clean rich flavor, while staying light for those warm summer days.

Our hops are the best grown. Most of the hops used in our ales are Northwest grown. From Mt. Angle to Yakima. However we also use hops from Germany and the Czech Republic. As I have said you need to use what works to get the flavors you want.

Yeast is a very important ingredient that most people do not think about. Not all yeast is created the same. We use a strain of Dry English ale yeast "white labs 007".Once we have the yeast we grow it and condition it for our brewing techniques. Yeast create flavor profiles, esters, and other flavor notes that can drastically change an ales flavor to the point of using same malts and two different yeast you get two different ales. Yeast is that important!

Water, is yet the single most important ingredient in the ale making process. You can have the best of everything and still not brew worth a darn without quality water! The brewery is located on the east side of the coast range seven miles west of Carlton Oregon. Oregon coast range water is some of the best in the world. West of Fire Mountain Brewery is forest. Pretty much all the way to the pacific ocean. Our water is NOT treated with chlorine our other chemicals. It is all natural out of the ground. One taste and you will understand our passion for making some of the finest ale available today!